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Attend the 2001 Grand Prix of Sonoma at Sears Point

Sunday July 22, 2001

Most of the pictures on this page are sourced from a 2048x1536 image.  If you want a high resolution copy for wallpaper or print out, e-mail me at adamsocb@earthlink.net

Corvette owners from all over the country and from several groups gathered for the ALMS, TransAM, and Speedvision races at Sears Point near Sonoma, CA on July 20-22, 2001.

Sears Point Track Map


The Corvette Coral on Sunday

The Driver autograph session.

Some shots from around the track.

The ALMS Race.

Where the FORD belongs, bringing up the rear!

The thrill of victory!

Our next championship driver?

To finish out the day of racing the Speedvision World Challenge cars took to the track.

What a great day at the Races.  Good luck at Portland!

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