Corvette Mystery Tour 2000

Pines Hills Lodge Jullian CA

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Tim Briley of Corvette Mike's in Anaheim organized and led a great road tour and afternoon event.  The tour took us from Corvette Mike's store down I5 to Hwy 78, then across to Jullian, one of SoCal's best kept secrets.  We then enjoyed dinner and a show at the Pine Hills Lodge, a quaint mountain lodge dating back to 1912.  The theater is converted from a gym built in 1925 for the prize fighter Jack Dempsey.  Our show was Radio Gals, a musical comedy.

To quote C5Dave Wicks:  

"The OFFICIAL "Count" on meals served was 118, and the "Unofficial" Count on cars was 72."

On the way, Hwy 78





Our Destination, Pine Hills Lodge

The Upper Lot

The Lower Lot

The oldest Corvette to make the run:  A 1960

A 1920's gym built for Jack Dempsey to train in, converted into a theater.

The Show: Radio Gals


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