C5/C6 Registry at Infineon 2005

C5/C6 Registry reporter Janet Curran chats with Speed GT winner Lou Gigliotti.

Dave Hill and Doug Feehan give some encouragement to C6R drivers O. Gavin and O. Barretta.

Dave Hill fills us in on some 2006 Z06 engineering details.

The Corvette Corral was a major hit with fans. C6R faithful watch the #4 car in a late Friday practice session.

The Corvette Corral on race day.

A wild standing start for Speed GT.

C6-Porsche-C6 in a tight battle for the first several laps.

The Banner C6 ran in the front three until a tangle with the second place Porsche.

The Speed GT winning LG Pro C6.

The #35 C6 finished second in Speed GT

The Speed GT podium. First Corvette. second Corvette, third Viper.

#3 C6R Driver Ron Fellows relaxes with his family before the start of the race.

Dave Hill contemplates strategy before the race.

Pre-race ceremonies with the #3 C6R

Pre-race ceremonies with the #4 C6R

Pre-race ceremonies from afar.

The GT-1 field is tight for the first few laps.

Our C6R's like running together for the fans!

The ALMS GT-1 field includes the third place finishing Saleen.

There is still one Viper GTS in the field. Remember back in 1999 when these guys were king?

The beautiful new Maserati MC12 is not a factor yet but will be soon.

It's good to see the old faithful C5R out again.

Our race winning #3 C5R!

And the second place #4 C6R!

A driver change for #4.

New tires for #3.

First Corvette, Second Corvette, third Saleen.

Johnny O'Connel and Ron Fellows celebrate their win on the podium.

Photos and Text by Charles Adamson

2005 Sonoma Grand Prix GT1 Results

1. Fellows/O'Connell, Corvette C6.R, 104 laps
2. Gavin/Beretta, Corvette C6.R, 104 laps
3. Borcheller/Mowlem, Saleen S7R, 104 laps
4. Bertolini/De Simone, Maserati MC12, 102 laps
5. Weickardt/Rugolo, Viper, 80 laps (mechanical)
. Figge/Dalziel/Empringham, Corvette C5-R, 78 laps (accident)

2005 Infineon Speed GT Results

1.  Lou Gigliotti, Corvette C6, 25 laps
2.  Tony Gaples, Corvette C6, 25 laps
3.  Tommy Archer, Viper , 25 laps
19. Leighton Reese, Corvette C6r, 19 laps (mechanical)
. Sonny Whelen, Corvette C5-Z06, 7 laps (mechanical)