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Attend the 2001 Grand Prix of Sonoma at Sears Point


Saturday July 21, 2001

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Corvette owners from all over the country and from several groups gathered for the ALMS, TransAM, and Speedvision races at Sears Point near Sonoma, CA on July 20-22, 2001.

Sears Point Track Map


The Corvette Coral on Saturday

The Trans Am Corvettes

The Factory Corvettes in Saturday Practice

After a great day at the track several C5 Registry members enjoyed a luxurious dinner party hosted by members Kevin and May Muench.

One of the parking areas at the party.

The house.

The beautiful patio. 

Good company.

A view of the Bay.

Event organizer Janet Curran introduces Johnny.

Driver Johnny O'Connell joined up for a few words.

Something about "They don't pay me enough."

That's it for Saturday.

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