Corvette Forum January 2001, SoCal "Big Run"

212 Miles of SoCal Back Roads!

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Bryan started this thing right after the 2000 Holidays on the Corvette Forum.  It started out slow, then as the date (Feb. 4, 2001) drew near interest mushroomed as usual.  Bryan and Allen worked out the route and took several "scouting runs" to make sure all participants would have a good time.  The group came from all over the southern half of California.  From Imperial Beach which is almost on the Mexican border to San Jose.

I want to thank Bryan and Allen for doing a great job organizing this event

A Map of the Route


Launch point in Sunland.

We get ready to head into the canyons.

We stop for a regroup in Palmdale.

Our lunch stop in Frazier Park

On the Road.

Driving through the snow!

A Close Up.

Carlos had an unfortunate encounter with a rock in the road.  No cell service so Jerry made a run to call 1(800)CHEVUSA for a tow.

That rock put a hole in the oil pan. OUCH!

Not to worry though, It was fixed the next day in Valencia and all is well.

Thanks to Jerry, Bryan and Pete for staying back to help, allowing the rest of the group to continue.

On the road again.

A rest stop in Ojai.

The end of the organized run at Dakota's in Simi.

Carlos, Dawn, Bryan, and Pete were able to meet up with us for dinner after getting the rock disabled C5 to safe harbor.

And a beautiful dinner it was, on the patio with a fantastic sunset.  Just a reminder for you poor folks in cold climates: This is February 4!


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