Corvette Christmas Tour 2000

Pines Hills Lodge Julian CA

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Tim Briley of Corvette Mike's in Anaheim organized and led a great road tour and afternoon event.  The tour took us from Corvette Mike's store down I5 to Hwy 76, then across to Jullian, one of SoCal's best kept secrets.  We then enjoyed Christmas shopping in Julian, then dinner and a show at the Pine Hills Lodge, a quaint mountain lodge dating back to 1912.  The theater is converted from a gym built in 1925 for the prize fighter Jack Dempsey.  Our show was a comedy send up of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

Lining up at Corvette Mike's in Anaheim


Along the Way on I15

At the rendezvous point for the southern contingent.

On the Way SR 76

The Pie Stop

On the Way up to Julian

The parking lot for Julian shopping.

(One of those "perfect" light opportunities!)


Click this link for a 360 degree VR panorama of the Julian parking lot.  You will need Quick Time 4.0 to view this.

WARNING! This File is Over 1.2MB It will take at least 6 minutes to load over a 56 K Modem.  

(Recommended for Broadband Only)

Julian Corvettes 360 VR


The Pine Hills Lodge

A 1920's gym built for Jack Dempsey to train in, converted into a theater.

Inside the Theater.

The Show was a comic send up of Dickens' " A Christmas Carol."  Unfortunately the lighting was to low to get any decent pictures.

I did however get one of my "Acting Début"


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